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Meet Your Instructor

Nadia Cartelli is a Certified Ross Instructor who trained at the Bob Ross Studio in New Smyrna Beach Florida. Like many of us, as a child Nadia watched Bob Ross on PBS and was deeply moved by the beauty, wonder and serenity of his work.  She was also a huge admirer of her father Joe Cartelli who’s produced his own vibrant and expressive oil paintings. After her father's passing in 2009, she was inspired to follow in his footsteps and acted on her lifelong dream by taking a Bob Ross painting class.  She was immediately hooked by the way the technique allowed for both an immediacy and ease of expression as well as the potential for a lifetime of deepening exploration and study. After years of self-practice, she decided to take the next step and became a Certified Ross Instructor. Since then, she has taught hundreds of children and adults from all walks of life, sharing with them her love for this way of painting. 

When Nadia is not painting or teaching others to paint, she works in the field of special education which she has been doing for over 10 years and is the mother of two sons who are burgeoning painters in their own right.

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